Nas has been making the tech rounds as of late. He was last seen at SXSW rockin’ the mic on stage, as well as rubbing elbows with some well-known venture capitalists. Word on the street is that Mr. Illmatic has his hands in a couple of tech startups including a Bitcoin digital wallet.

Nas’ latest venture in the tech space includes encouraging minorities to get into the tech game as well. According to Black Enterprise, Nas has teamed up with tech powerhouses like Google and Microsoft to fund scholarships for minorities who are interested in programming and web development.

It’s more than just scholarships too. Participants who matriculate through the program at General Assembly in New York (of course) will not only become fully-employable web developers, but as a stipulation, will volunteer 100+ hours to mentoring youth in other non-profit organizations like Black Girls Code…”Each One Teach One”

Whoever said celebrities in tech is “just for show” doesn’t quite get the strong bond between our artists and our culture. For an artist like Nas to see the value in STEM and offer his “name” (and his pockets) to empower people who look like him to succeed in areas like technology where there should be a “meritocracy” (best and brightest will succeed), is something to that shouldn’t just be written off.

…But y’all would know already that if there were more genuine opportunities for all in technology #JustSayin

For more info, check out General Assembly Opportunity Fund